plasma electric generator


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There are many devices making an electric current, it: electromachine, thermoissue, magnetonydrodynamic generators. They have merits and demerits.

     We offer our design.

   Let's begin from the very beginning and we will consider reaction of atom of hydrogen to external influence.

    When the atom of hydrogen receives energy quantum, electron, this atom, passes to higher power level, thereby leaving from a kernel of atom of hydrogen, that is a proton. The atom becomes in the energized condition. If to continue to increase energy of atom then an electron to keep away from a kernel and completely leaves from under its influences.

   This condition of substance, is called as plasma, and quasi-neutral plasma.

If to sort plasma on positive and negative charges and to place them in different "boxes" electrons and protons we will receive an electric power source.

      Now we will consider possibility of elimination of electrons.

     All of us know, that there is such phenomenon, as the polar lights. This effect occurs because the electrons arriving with a solar wind, from space, on magnetic power lines of a magnetic field of the Earth as on rails, go strictly to northern magnetic pole. In an upper atmosphere, electrons collide with air molecules, cause its luminescence. Hence, to separate an electron, from the excited atom of hydrogen, it is necessary to place this atom in a constant magnetic field.  Now let's consider a design of the generator which could make energy on principles described above effects.

   The temperature range of cold plasma necessary for us is in limits to 3000K. It is necessary to add, that, the more a heat, the more electrons will leave the atoms. But we will stop on good figure 3000. It is enough to tear off electrons from an external electronic orbit of atom.

   As working  substance  we  will use a mix of cheap fuel, for example any combustible gas from methane to butane with air in which contains to 20,95 % O2 - oxygen directly participating in chemical reaction.

   From - for low caloric contents of methane, hardly we can receive necessary temperature of flame.So, the flame is necessary for warming up (as in a kitchen microwave) a high-frequency magnetic field of our magnetic sieve for electrons.

  The stream of a flame of burnt gas forces the way through a pulsed magnetic field. The period of fluctuations of a magnetic field (T), is approximately equal to a rotational period an electron round an atom kernel. Frequency should be resonant for electrons of the excited atom.


 Speed of the expiration of products of chemical reaction should be sufficient that ions, had possibility to overcome a magnetic barrier. And the magnetic field should be enough to stop and send electrons in an opposite side.


After the generator will earn, we will count up, how many electric energy we have spent for work of magnetic "sieve", and how many remains to a "light bulb". And if energy we receive more than is spent, then it would be desirable to count and EFFICIENCY of our device.

   Prospective advantages:

     1.It is supposed, that the device should be portable and compact.  Together with a gas bottle, 1.5 litres, liquefied gas and a starting source of the electric power, it should not exceed the sizes of a suitcase "diplomat".

2.Absence of friction pairs.

3.Absence, exhaust gases of a two-stroke engine containing oil aerosols.

4.Absence of noise and vibrations.

 If somebody constructs this device, necessarily write to us.

 We will consider the work executed if it will turn out, really, something new. And you will need to think up to this device the name, and to reap the fruits of one's labour

  I wish success.